A Few Words About Cindy

Cindy Massey was born in San Francisco, California. Her spiritual quest began when she was three years old when she had her first Near Death Experience, spiritual audio messages and visiting parallel universes. She loved going to her dream world as it provided not only great joy, but wonderful colors. At birth she was born legally blind so things in the physical world were blobs and usually became colorful when she was nose to nose with them. Her vision was great in the dream world and all the colors had a shimmering iridescent glow to them; which is very different in the earth dimension; especially her light dream. Cindy did not understand the light dream, but she could not forget it either!

It was a puzzle until one day someone came along and began moving the pieces around and a picture began to form. She really did not know him very well but he had experience with children who had similar experiences and the answer came in a most unexpected way and from a source she did not know very well. A doctor by the name of Melvin Morse had no idea the number of doors that would open for her when he told her that it was no dream, “you had a classic NDE.” Life changed dramatically after that! Her mom died, her son was creating a life of his own and she was about to embark on a new career teaching Asian students English. For the next ten years, she had the opportunity to live in six different countries, enjoy great food and most of all learn how others live in a different part of the world. The dream was put on hold once again and the ‘call’ to share the experience was silenced for the time being.

As she reviewed the light dream once again, slowly the many questions that remained unanswered suddenly were falling into place even if it was thirty-five years later. The world was beginning to make more sense since returning to earth so many years ago. Seeing colors around people’s bodies, understanding not all places are home just because you live there, knowing something would happen prior to the event were gifts she did not have before the NDE. Being assigned guardians to chat with and to understand how life works made it less complicated and lonely. The guardians kept her sane and provided information to protect and co-create not only with her but they were available to everyone if they chose to listen. However, the most powerful message for her and for the planet is the ‘divine love’ that crosses time and space.