This is the first article in a four-part series entitled Heart Chat. One of my favorite pastimes is being on the net researching some interesting topic or unusual event. Over the last several months I have skipped through many webpages and websites and it occurs to me that more craziness is developing. There are people asking for money, people who are providing information, disseminating misinformation, hating this idea or that person. In fact, I have seen unusual events all over the world including birds falling from the sky, large spiders spinning webs on power lines, flooding and hail storms in the deserts of the middle east, huge cracks in the earth’s crust threatening homes and human lives as well as the inhuman treatment of each other and our children.

So, we are going crazy and so is the world; in fact, I think mother earth is reflecting back to us what we are releasing to her everyday. Basically, I am witnessing an unhappy world and many unhappy people living on it. What I am NOT seeing is enough kindness, compassion and love. I am NOT referring to the passion that occurs in the bedroom, but the kind that envelopes all of us, if we are open to it. Before moving in that direction, let’s take a step back and gain a better understanding of the two most important organs that generate compassion toward each other or how the heart and brain work as a team.

The heart and the brain have minute by minute chats on a daily basis, they are always chatting! The heart communicates via the nervous system, hormones, pulse waves and an electromagnetic field. In fact, the heart has more to talk about than the brain and it has its own brain. There have been many studies on Heart/Brain Chats and one of the more interesting ones focused on a middle aged group with the highest self-regulating of their emotions and they had a 50 times higher likelihood of being disease free 15 years later than those who had a low score on self regulating behavior or emotions. So do you self-regulate your emotions? Behaviors? Attitudes? So what is the best way to regulate the emotions of your heart? We will go into more depth in subsequent articles regarding techniques to regulate your emotions; until then have a Happy Heart!

Cindy Massey is the author of the upcoming book ‘Evolve’ due to be released in April 2019.