Today in part three of the Heart Chat series we are going to take a quick look at heart access. I will do a quick review of what has been covered so far and then move into actual access of the heart.

We have already reviewed how the heart acts as a global coordinator and synchronizes the various parts and functions of the body. This coordination includes the physiological, cognitive, and emotional systems that are regulated by the heart. Through research we have found that there is physiological reason that the heart allows each of us to set a rhythmic pattern and our emotions can influence and change those patterns and it is not a part of the metaphysical realm but belongs to emotional physiology.

This makes the heart uniquely well positioned to act as the global coordinator in the body’s symphony of functions, binding and synchronizing the system as a whole. Because of the extent of the heart’s influence on physiological, cognitive, and emotional systems, the heart provides a central point of reference from which the dynamics of such processes can be regulated.

Heart research teams have began to understand that there is a physiological reason that our emotions are reflected in the heart’s rhythmic patterns, and this took the perception of the heart being involved in our emotions out of the metaphysical realm and grounded it in basic emotional physiology. This set the stage for later studies on intuition regarding the heart.

Once we can access this part of us, intuition becomes much easier expanding into business (XQ) in designing new concepts, critical thinking skills or to discover hidden information such as in Remote Viewing or Critical Remote Viewing used by the government to see locations without physically going there; all of this is about the heart and intuition.

So how do we access our heart? Here are some quick tips to access the heart and I am including a you tube video for those of you who want more depth on the subject; Gregg Braden walks the viewer through a heart portal to calm the mind and open the heart.

Techniques for expanding intuition:

A. Calm the mind and stop all chatter internally and externally- I call it musing or staring off into space

B. Take your index finger and place it lightly on the sternum and tell your heart ‘we are safe’ to expand. Take in 3 slow deep breaths.

C. There is usually a feeling of calm and gratitude when you are in this space.

D. Notice where the answer comes from inside of you

E. Locate the answer inside of you, if you have a specific question.

F. The answer can be outside of you and you might get a feeling prior to answer, make note of it; it is usually a signal.

According to Braden the impact of such an ancient technique lasts for at least 6 hours. This does not take hours and hours of mediation only a few minutes, but the impact is phenomenal and belongs in the miracle department! If you have ever wondered who am I? If you experienced super learning, anti aging or the act of creation — you probably were in your heart and I would personally like to say: Welcome!

Cindy Massey is the author of the upcoming book ‘Evolve’ due to be released in April 2019.