So what kind of intuitive heart do you have? There are three kinds and probably sub-divisions of each one. Before I begin the discussion, a little known fact about the heart is that it is There are basically three kinds of intuition that the heart uses to assist us in our decisions, if we choose to listen. A little known fact about the heart is that it is 100 times stronger electrically than the brain. So, let’s take a moment to examine the three types of intuition that many of us are already using. The learning heart is all about patterns both long and short term since the heart the flexibility to use both. Usually is it based on past information and it tries to match it up the current issue. The problem with this approach is that if the past information is wrong then poor decision may also occur in the present. For example, a mother knows her child’s cry and can accurately predict if is a hurt cry, hungry cry, or my diaper needs changing cry; some of the information may come from past experience and some from an inner knowing.

The second kind of intuition is focused on energy and the ability to read and categorize what the other person may be feeling. It is what we refer as ‘vibes’ and we depend on it when we are in public and may feel someone is staring at you and as you turn around there are two pair of eyes looking at you.

The third intuition is called ‘non-local’ intuition where you might feel someone close to you is in danger or maybe slowing down when normally you would not do that, but unexpectedly a child darts in front of your car. I have personally experienced all of these ‘heart intuitions’; but there is one more intuition the heart may not have told some of us and that is ‘heart-centered intuition.’ Why is it important? Because, there was a test conducted by the Heart Math Institute has conducted experiments that proves the heart can predict happy/fearful situations, before the brain even realizes what happened.

So, how does that help me and you? Could this be date worthy information? Yes! Can it be cultivated? Yes! Go back to Part III and you can begin the process AND there is a quiz in the link below. As I close this article I would like to quote the intuitive guide Sonia Choquette who describes intuition as “the voice of our soul.” Are you listening?

Cindy Massey is the author of the upcoming book ‘Evolve’ due to be released in April 2019.

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